Ltd. "Tritel" specializes in the creation of special-purpose telecommunication networks, the development and mass production means special communications and cryptographic protection of information. We have extensive experience in creating networks of special communication for law enforcement agencies and dezhavnih utan, both in Ukraine and abroad.

The company carries out its activities in accordance with the received license from the State Service for Special Communication and Information Protection of Ukraine in the field of cryptographic protection of information in the field of technical protection of information, as well as a special resolution of the Security Service of Ukraine on the implementation of activities related to state secrets. Our specialists have the appropriate specialized education and experience in the field of Special Communication and Information Protection 10 years or more.

The main activities:

       * Develop and series of cryptographic protection of information and special communication

       * Create a special communication networks

       * Design, manufacture, research efficiency, support resources and facilities of technical protection of information in information systems, information technology, the protection of information from unauthorized access, providing consulting services

       * Services in the field of cryptographic protection of information

       * Provide information security for the Internet / Intranet

       * Creation of carrier and enterprise networks with integrated services

       * Consulting in the field of modern network technology and information security systems

       * Delivery of networking, telecom and computer equipment

       * Technical support, warranty and post-warranty service

       * Training

Guarantee high quality of the company is a long history of spivpravtsi with world market leaders, skills and deep knowledge of the full range of products. Our experts are constantly improving their skills, which allows us to offer customers technical solutions of different complexity with the most advanced technologies.