Personnel training

Not a complex system can not do without skilled care from a specialist (or a group of experts). No exception and secure network communication. Staff serving such a system must have knowledge of not only data, but also to understand the issues of telephone and telecommunications systems as a whole. For normal operation of the network is necessary to conduct comprehensive training of technical staff. In the learning process be violated not only the theoretical issues of building communication systems. We need to develop a working knowledge of the equipment that will be used in a specific corporate network. When training courses professionals must learn to solve problems of integrating voice, building security systems, and network management.

     Ltd. "Tritel" trains professionals to work independently with cryptographic protection of information and means of special communication.

     The courses take the form of full-time courses of lectures and practical sessions students. During the course, students learn the principles of the organization and to ensure secure communication with the use of cryptographic protection of information, the purpose, the composition of the cryptographic protection of information, modes of operation and rules of operation of the cryptographic protection and control methods of cryptographic protection of health information. After completing the course, students will be able to provide secure communication and security with the use of cryptographic security, and to carry out the maintenance and operation of equipment.