Modern networking equipment sells a wide range of functionality for handling different types of traffic. One device can provide access to the core network, routing data flows, integration of voice applications, given the level of information security, video transmission in real time, etc. On the telecommunications market today are different in performance and functionality of the device, which can be divided into several classes. For the exchange of information among small offices and connecting them to the Internet offers a compact device with a sufficient range of functions for different types of traffic routing and some functions to protect the network. For medium offices there's a range of equipment that provides the possibility of concentrating all sorts of information flow, connection to the Internet, advanced security and management and provide improved performance. The most performance, capacity, extensive security and management has equipment for central offices.

     The most important tasks in the construction of the network is to ensure its security and manageability.

     Managing the corporate network - it is a continuous process of ensuring network uptime. Nothing is costing us so dearly with a high level of automation processes as simple its network. Typically, the problem does not occur instantaneously (try to avoid diversion option), they are usually generated by the improper use of network resources, deterioration of quality of service on the part of the operator, or when making any changes to the network infrastructure (when upgrading or adding hosts and services). Timely response to changing network conditions is not possible without a sound management system.

     One of the key aspects in building corporate network is its safety. Guaranteed resilience can only be achieved by adopting a common security policy and implementing a set of measures to protect the information. It is important to understand that new computers, new applications and versions of operating systems, new network equipment will change the nature of the data streams in the corporate network, so specialists must constantly monitor compliance with security policies already adopted and the relevance of its provisions.